Olympics & Yoga Tuesdays

babyogaHow on earth did babies and Olympics come up in the same sentence? It’s just one of those Frinds’ Corner things. You see on Tuesdays two of our amazing duty mums run parallel programmes keeping everyone from 0 to 5 and their mums happy!

Elda, our amazing midwife, certified birthlight yoga instructor and loving expert on all things baby and beyond, leads a great baby yoga class on Tuesday mornings! From bonding to baby giggles, there’s lots of positive energy filling our little club. Then the kiddies get to try their moves!

Meanwhile, Golden mum Sophia runs the Tuesday programme for toddlers and preschoolers focusing on athletics, the Olympic movement, that great sports feeling and celebrating our miraculous bodies. What more can one ask for?

Ask about our baby membership offering great value, baby fun and lots of loving support (pssst, no duty for new mums either) at fcglyfada@gmail.com or drop by (remember your first visit is free)
Keep warm and happy.