Our Programme

Our Morning Programme

Typical Day Schedule


The children begin to arrive for Free Play where they participate in their favourite activities. These activities include a variety of options such as, bike-riding, drawing, sculpting with home-made play dough, solving puzzles, building with blocks and playing with preferred toys.

For our babies and toddlers there are activity choices including ball play, soft toys, baby gyms, and other assorted sensory and Motor Skills enhancing activities.


The children gather round their project table and prepare for what they’ll be looking at and learning about.

The theme of the day is conducted by building an activity that uses an array of play ideas such as themed games and dressing up, as well as the disciplines of Art & Crafts, English, Maths, Social Studies, and Science.

Once the project has come to an end, the children are encouraged to tidy up altogether.


The children are invited to play a game, choose a book to read, or just enjoy a little quiet time before the Morning Programme ends.   The children read a story with a Duty Member before singing their favourite songs and performing Action Songs.

(Story Time strives to correlate with the theme of the day.)

12:30 – 14:00 FREE PLAY: 

Members with keys are free to remain at the Clubhouse for Free Play until 14:00.

Morning Sessions:


Music with Lily – 11:00


Active Babies – 11:00

Sensory Play introduces you and your baby to a world of rich and varied sensory experiences in a creative and enjoyable environment to encourage learning and development.