Our Philosophy & Our Story

Our Philosophy:

We believe:

  • that children thrive when their first experiences of socialisation and learning in a group environment are shared with their parents
  • in recognising and respecting the uniqueness of each child
  • that working alongside peers to provide a fun, creative and educational environment for their children, and sharing the joys and frustrations of parenthood, is important and beneficial for parents
  • in creating a warm environment for International parents, and new mothers, to meet, exchange ideas, and share similar experiences
  • in the constant encouragement of respect and compassion toward the feelings and rights of others

Our Story:

Friends Corner began life over 30 years ago. In 1982, “The Little School” was founded by a group of mothers in order to tie English-speaking families together and provide a place where their children could play. ”The Little School” was so successful that the mothers chartered it as a non-profit organisation under the laws of Greece in 1986. They called it ‘Friends Corner’.

What We Offer:

  • A relaxed and casual atmosphere with a range of indoor & outdoor games and toys: puzzles, play dough, building blocks, tricycles, bicycles, slides, cars, play houses.
  • A wide array of materials for art projects.
  • An extensive library of children’s books in English.
  • A daily schedule of singing, reading, educational games, art projects and theme based activities.
  • Extra activities include field trips, seasonal parties, private parties, special events, family outings, baby wearing meetings, drama workshops, and much more.